The Sunshine Blogger Award

I had alot of fun doing this tag, would love it if you guys take a look at it


Your Bookish Identity

YOUR BOOKISH IDENTITY - was created by was created by Little Book Owl, Katytastic and Benjaminoftomes, what dystopian/fantastical world would you live in? Fantastical !! 2. Who would your partner be? Hermione, because she is smart, brave and an independent. 3.Who would be your godly mother/father? [Percy Jackson] Athena, goddess of wisdom 4.Would you be a … Continue reading Your Bookish Identity

Tag- Would you rather ?

BOOKISH EDITION ⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐ This tag was created ( I think) by 1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books? Series cause I want more from the same characters and the world. But then I am very bad with finishing off series.  2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female? FEMALE ALL THE … Continue reading Tag- Would you rather ?